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Cervical Bone Growth Stimulators Lumbar Bone Growth Stimulators

Orthofix Bone Growth Stimulators are the only FDA Approved Cervical Stimulator and FDA Approved

Lumbar Stimulator for Psuedarthrosis Salvage!


 Nuvectra™ is a medical device company focused on improving the outcomes and usability of implantable devices. We are proud to introduce Algovita®, a new spinal cord stimulation system that features a broad set of capabilities to provide powerful, yet simplified therapy delivery. 

Spinal Implants

Represent manufacturers to support surgeon customers; Experts in Lumbar and Cervical MIS-Adult and Pediatric Deformity-Cervical ADR

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Orthofix Bone Stimulation Guarantee -- Patient Guide to Spine Fusion Stimulation


  • MIS 
  • ADR
  • ACDF
  • ALIF

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